It’s a new year with an opportunity for a fresh start for real estate lease managers like us who are immersed in a storm of complicated business challenges.

The corporate lease administration function continues to evolve substantially right before our eyes. The responsibility of protecting a property investment has also developed into a crucial role within each business organization. It has become an integral part of the decision-making framework as retailers and commercial tenants each determine how they are going to not only exist but succeed in an environment that is in flux as it responds to online pressures and changing shopping patterns.


For a professional to achieve success in this field, they will likely have NRTA experience.

Whether we are part of a real estate portfolio team for a retail company or employed as a lease administration professional on behalf of commercial tenants such as healthcare, banks, insurance companies, or maybe an education center, we find ourselves in a world of change and uncertainty. Regardless of the changes happening around us, one fundamental remains the same:

Companies that effectively utilize their lease administration team to develop new strategies, best practices, and sharpen occupancy cost control skills are seeing the benefits of optimizing their real estate portfolios.

Don’t stay on the sidelines and miss this opportunity to interact with your peers.

Many veteran real estate managers credit the NRTA for their ability to adapt and adjust to their respective real estate challenges. For them, NRTA is a center for the development of best practices and strategies necessary to stay ahead of the evolving environment.


Take Charge of Change!

Yes, these are exciting times for the NRTA and its members as we all work to stay ahead of the challenges already facing us as well as those to come. I hope you’ll join us as we continue to grow.

For those who are on the outside of NRTA and wondering if it is right for you, give us a call. Thirty-one new organizations did just that last year and joined our ranks. Check out our website. Talk to a peer who is familiar with the NRTA. Seek out a professional who has achieved success in this field, and likely you will find she or he has NRTA experience. Still not sure? Sign up for a 90-day free trial membership.

Don’t stay on the sidelines and miss this opportunity to interact with your peers. As our Expanding Knowledge Conference theme says, take charge of change. Learn more about the conference here.

~ Lisa Krizek, NRTA president