Goals & Objectives

The NRTA is dedicated to fostering the principles of education, the personal and professional development of its members and to improve the profitability of member companies within several important areas, including:

  • promoting the equitable administration of lease-related obligations and lease-related expenses;
  • minimizing the costs of administration and processing of lease obligations;
  • favorably impacting the bottom-line performance of member companies through educational programming and networking support; and
  • advocating for the rights of commercial and retail tenants whenever equity and fairness dictate.

The NRTA was formed for the purpose of achieving the following professional goals and objectives:

  • To foster the personal and professional education of its members and to provide its membership with the information and services necessary to more effectively execute their responsibilities under commercial leases, and thereby enhance the bottom line of the member company.
  • To develop and conduct programs dedicated to furthering the education of its members; to promote the study of commercial lease administration, the billing and payment of lease-related obligations, encouraging research, conducting conferences, and by promoting networking among its membership on these important matters.
  • To collect, analyze, and disseminate information with respect to existing and proposed legislation, regulations, and administrative action pertinent to the purposes of the Association. The NRTA encourages the free discussion of such subjects, presents the views of the Association to other organizations, and other interested persons, and takes such other actions as are deemed appropriate to the accomplishment of its purposes.

These principles and purposes of the NRTA can be achieved only with the observance of the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct by its members. To insure the observance of these high standards, the Board of Governors has adopted a stringent code of ethics that must be adhered to by all regular and affiliate members.