About NRTA


“The need for continuing education, property lease information, and the exchange of ideas are the cornerstone of attaining high professional standards.”


-NRTA founders Moe Laliberte and Paul Kinney


Mission Statement

Educating Members to Improve Profitability

The NRTA provides retail, office, corporate, industrial and franchise tenants with the highest level of Real Estate Administration Education.  Disciplines involved in this area of business include lease administration, occupancy cost control, lease auditing, lease accounting, legal and portfolio management.

Headquartered in Carmel, New York, the NRTA is directed by its Officers and a Board Of Governors.

Serving Commercial Tenants

The NRTA is the leading source of real estate management education for commercial, office, retail, industrial and franchise real estate professionals, attorneys, lease accountants and other commercial property management specialists who are responsible for real estate portfolio management and optimization. Network with us to share with and learn from other industry professionals focused on best practices in information management and decision-making related to day-to-day real estate activities.

Each year, the NRTA conducts a National Conference and Trade Show and offers virtual classroom series and webinars on real estate lease topics. NRTA is highly regarded as a premier resource for lease administration training, real estate lease best practices, property lease information, networking, and occupancy cost recovery procedures.


The current NRTA includes over 350 professionals representing more than 160 companies – including many of the top retail chains and commercial tenants. In their own words, here’s why.