Advertising/Sponsor Opportunities

NRTA offers several opportunities for advertisers and sponsors.

✓ Boost Brand Awareness

✓ Extend Your Reach

✓ Inspire Customer Loyalty


Multi Page Web Advertising

257,000+ site visitors review an average of 4 pages per session. Our typical visitor spends an average of 3+ minutes per visit perusing ads, studying information, and looking for products and services like yours. Your ad will appear in a rotating ad position on ALL available site pages during your contract.

Your spotlight Ad (300 x 200) Annual $8,000


Professional Directory Advertising

Thousands of site visitors shop this advertising section. Place your company’s products or services in this exclusive directory listing. List your ad in multiple categories.

Directory Listing (400 x 300) Annual $3,500


the marketplace

Business to Business introduction to our new members! We’ll connect you with all our new member companies for an entire year.

Annual $4,000


Professional Certificate Program

This year long education program consists of four major areas of study and testing. Participants will attend 36 individual study lessons and will be required to successfully complete mid-term and final examinations to earn their Professional Certificate of Proficiency.

Full Program Sponsorship is available for $20,000.

Quarterly Series Sponsorships are also available for $5,000.

Specific Lesson Sponsorships are also available for $1,500.


Professional Job Listings HELP WANTED

As a service, the NRTA publishes professional opportunities in the Lease Management, Property Management, Rent Accounting, Lease Audit, and other Development/Real Estate related areas on this site. For more details, visit our jobs listings page.

NRTA Members $325 per job post.

Non-Members $525 per job post.


Connect. Customize. Email [email protected] or call (413) 525-4565
and talk to Executive Director Lisa Krizek to customize your sponsorship.

Advertising/Sponsor Opportunities



Sept. 8-11 Gaylord Texan Resort & Conference Center


conference sponsorship items
• Conference Online Brochure $ 5,000
• Daily Conference Guide $ 5,000
• Online Course Registration & Course Description $ 10,000
• Online Conference Schedule $ 2,500
• Hotel Room Keys $ 5,000


conference events
• Breakfasts (each) $ 5,000
• Lunches (each) $ 10,000
• Receptions (each) $ 7,500
• Breaks (each) $ 1,500
• Golf $ 2,500
• Community Events $ 2,500
• Keynote Host & Related Motivational Session $ 20,000
• WIFI in convention space $ 20,000
• Trade Show Hall Locator Board $ 5,000
• NRTA Networking Area & Entertainment Hosting $ 10,000


conference trade show
• 10 x 10 Booth $ 5,000
• 10 x 20 Booth $ 8,500
• Additional Booth Staff $ 850


Connect. Customize. Email [email protected] or call (413) 525-4565
and talk to Executive Director Lisa Krizek to customize your sponsorship.