Taking Charge of Change–Chart Your Course is the theme for NRTA’s 24th Annual Conference slated for September 15-18, 2019 at the JW Marriott Marco Island Resort in Marco Island, Florida.

The theme embodies the focus of real estate lease management professionals who are encountering another year of upheaval as commercial real estate lease managers continue adapting to market changes and employ new solutions to protect property portfolios.

NRTA’s Curriculum Committee has expanded its course offerings to include numerous presentations dealing with best practices within this volatile environment. Committee co-chairs Ingrid Kushinsky (Clarks Americas, Inc.), Ted Pajda (Enterprise Holdings, Inc.), and Gregg Ankenman, Esq. (Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean, LLP) report the program will feature forty-six individual course presentations and twenty-two small group discussion sessions.

After a two-day exchange, NRTA conference planners explained the theme accurately reflects the direct link from the conference networking opportunities to a participant’s “take home” value. The program offers best practices concerning cost recovery skills as well as strategic understanding of lease management procedures that are critical to protect an organization’s real estate investments. One co-chair noted,

“The team put together curriculum offerings that cover everything from essential basic concepts to the latest developments and emerging issues our industry needs to be prepared to address.”

–Gregg Ankeman, Esq.

The three-day education and networking program is designed to appeal to both newcomers and industry veterans. Conference planners are mindful that nearly twenty-five percent of first-time attendees have less than one year in their field, while a large segment of attendees have five or more years’ experience. The program includes a wide range of topics concerning real estate administration, lease accounting, auditing, property management, key retail and commercial leasing issues, and personal development discussions.

Another co-chair emphasized that the curriculum developed for the 2019 conference reflects the best thinking within the industry.

“The educational track leaders came extremely well prepared, with a list of suggested classes and potential speakers. This led to a spirited discussion of how we could best address the educational needs of our members, both old and new. Without this advance preparation, it would not have been possible to accomplish what we accomplished over a two-day period. We left the meeting with a proposed curriculum of forty-six classroom presentations and twenty-two small discussion groups designed to provide basic training to those new to the profession, as well as address current topics of interest.”

–Ted Pajda

The program highlights several new topics, including discussions such as Artificial Intelligence–Impact Upon Real Estate Management, Sublease Management, Portfolio Management, Alternative Transportation and the Impact on Real Estate, and Lease Remedies.

Co-chair Ingrid Kushinsky summarized the payback value available to retailers and companies who invest in best practice education in order to protect their property portfolios.

“Often, a ‘theme’ will emerge amongst the different education disciplines, and it becomes clear during discussions that we are all working as one team, with one goal, one mission: to ensure our members can not only navigate the current shifting economic climate, but also add significant value to their employers as they strategize toward the future.”

–Ingrid Kushinsky

The three-day conference also features the NRTA Trade Show, which provides participants an opportunity to review an assortment of technical services and support capabilities that encompass lease administration, auditing, taxes, and real estate management in an informal setting. The Trade Show has become a gateway to the industry’s vibrant software products tuned specifically to real estate lease management issues.

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