Frankly, there is no other resource providing this concentration of professional education and skill development in our industry. Take full advantage of the NRTA.

As a long-time NRTA member, one particular benefit of significant value I have experienced and want to share with you is the power of networking. Networking on behalf of your company, your lease administration management group, and frankly, yourself.

I have over 30 years of real estate accounting, auditing and lease administration experience. And I can honestly say that I have developed a network of professionals who I interact with and seek professional opinions or insights to help me be more effective.

I am living proof of the professional benefits and career growth that you can experience through the conference and other NRTA interaction. I have received, and ultimately accepted, a few career offers that came my way directly from meeting and interacting with other NRTA peers who felt they wanted me on their company team.

NRTA is a networking haven that has been the cornerstone of the experience since its inception. Explore and share best practices for your workplace. Network the heck out of the NRTA.  Your efforts will ultimately translate into cost savings and improved efficiencies for your organization.

Equally important, as I said earlier, it is a vital source for your professional career development.  For your convenience, there is a full list of attendees on the NRTA website for you to use as a contact tool.

The people you encounter through your NRTA association are some of the brightest and most highly skilled professionals in our field. Get to know each other. Learn from each other. Share ideas and build success for yourself through the NRTA experience.

In keeping with that, one of our panel discussions featured several landlords who we invited to help us pave a new common ground of understanding as we explore “what landlords are thinking.”

Thinking ahead to our 2020 conference that will be held in Dallas, one networking experience I feel strongly about and urge you to explore are our different Idea Exchanges.

Idea Exchanges used to be called small group discussion sessions. They have evolved into an incredible and valuable interactive experience.

They have become a favorite part of the NRTA conference experience.

Peers interact on topics of mutual interest to their jobs or career paths. Experience these unique networking and benchmarking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

Groups are limited to 25 participants to ensure a meaningful interactive exchange. Idea Exchanges are opportunities for you to meet face-to-face with your peers in a less formal setting. This is a first step in building a resource of networking support for years to come.

Throughout the year, our NRTA staff work hard to provide a better opportunity to connect with other members. It is up to you to carry that relationship online and in between through our improved website and social media outlets, our educational conferences, webinars.

They are all tools for you to reach out and expand your horizons through networking.

by Debbie Ravel, NRTA Vice President