NRTA DIAMOND SPONSOR Mohr Partners, Inc. Global Lease Services includes lease administration, lease accounting, and rent payments. The Company provides scalability, quality control and cost savings in managing clients’ real estate and equipment lease portfolio.


Mohr strives to be, a one-stop, all-inclusive provider for their clients’ lease management needs.

Mohr also provides support to assimilate lease documentation and accounting information into systems tailored to their clients’ business model. “Once your data is up and running into a system,” they say, “we can help manage it, provide monthly reporting, process rent invoices, prepare rent rolls, complete CAM audits, CPI increases and estoppel reviews.”

Furthermore, the company’s lease accounting services help clients remain compliant with the FASB guidance (ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87) by utilizing a client accounting system, creating SLR entries, month-end closing activities and performing account reconciliations.

Sharing a vision to Optimize the Bottom Line – Mohr Partners and NRTA

Mohr’s website states the company’s Vision Statement is to provide “transparent, conflict-free real estate services to organizations seeking to optimize their real estate position for their bottom line.”

It is a mission at the heart of our National Real Estate Tenants Association Team as well!

Mohr Partners is a certified minority business, which means Mohr’s professional staff can provide clients “with a Tier 1 diversity spend that you can use to get tax benefits or for reporting purposes on your annual 10K.” The company is the world’s largest tenant representative-only commercial real estate advisory firm certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (“NMSDC”).

As an NMSDC Corporate Plus member, the company has demonstrated its capability to successfully manage national and global contracts from top Fortune 100 companies. width=

Mohr Partners also provides quality billing and rent payment services that deliver savings and reduce client risk. The company has offices located in major metropolitan cities throughout North America, including Boston, Houston, and Phoenix. Mohr Partners maintains ongoing expansion plans both domestically and internationally.

Clients include Dollar General, Solaris Health, APL Logistics, KBS, and others.