NRTA’s NEW CCLA Course attacks Core Elements of a Lease Abstraction in Today’s Economy

THERE IS A WIDE VARIETY of Lease and Property Types right now in 2023 – Retail, Office, Warehouse, Healthcare, Banking, Medical, Industrial. And more. So naturally the definition of today’s “Commercial Tenant” reflects this immense diversity.

As the Industry Professional, you need to be prepared to Conquer the Complexities of a Successful Lease Abstraction. If you’re not quite sure how this works, and you aspire to learn NOW, then National Real Estate Tenants Association’s Semester 2 Certificate Course may be the perfect fit for you.

According to NRTA’s experts, there are 3 general categories of information common to most leases. And each area should be included in the examination and verification of the lease abstraction process.

  • Critical dates
  • Base and additional rent information (including common area maintenance “CAM” or operating expense and real estate tax pass-throughs)
  • Option or encumbrance information

IT IS ALSO CRUCIAL to pay special attention to “date-conditional items” to make sure they are accurately reflected in the system; AND are being continually monitored and reported for future required actions.

Learn more and register today for NRTA’s ground-breaking “CCLA” Certificate Program. This unparalleled educational development program features four semesters of intense learning. Lesson Content has been created by experts. Classes are taught by experts.

Introduction to Lease Admin & Basic Terminology
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Lease Abstracting
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System Proficiency
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Budgeting & Accounting
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