Leases only get updated every so often. Are you making yours count?

Times are tight! In our post-pandemic economy, real estate executives and property managers are under more pressure than ever to protect bottom lines and employ effective cost recovery tactics. Leases only get updated every so often. Are you renewing your options and/or making it count?

On May 17, NRTA launches its next interactive Classroom LIVE real estate management series discussing Portfolio Optimization. Don’t miss it!

This four-part class covers how to set a leasing strategy, align with your business partners, and make a plan for every door in your portfolio. You will also learn modern leasing strategies to incorporate the latest omni-channel considerations to your portfolio.

There’s still more! Classroom LIVE participants will also review case studies, learn how to approach small and major landlords, and find out how to partner with your deal makers to not only improve your company’s bottom line, but to GROW revenue.

NRTA purposely limits seating to allow maximum participant interaction.

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