The main focus of most real estate teams is expanding your fleet says NRTA President Debbie Ravel.

The real estate market is constantly evolving.

Are you prepared?

Let’s face it tenants. With the real estate market ever changing, there are many times when decisions are made to close stores.

These closures could be due to lease expirations or nonperformance. Is the fault yours? Establishing best practices in store closing procedures can save you AND your company both time and money.

From closing and vacating a physical store, to reviewing a lease’s “leasehold expense language”, there are hidden opportunities to improve these processes.

NRTA’s upcoming class Preparing for Location Closures is where you find help. Presented by Claire Farr, Founder and Principal, Delker Real Estate, this one-of-a-kind course focuses on industry best practices in implementing procedures for store closings. Simply put: Zone in on efficiency. Find cost savings.

Optimize Your Portfolio of Leases. Maximize Profits. It’s all at NRTA.

Claire’s Class is scheduled for March 28, 2023 — the first in a series three live educational sessions. Excess Space Retail Services’ Michael Burden and Al Williams round out the series. Mike and Al will present Effective Sublease Management on April 4; and Optimize Excess Property Portfolios & Other Creative Programs That Produce Incremental Value on April 11.

Learn more and register at NRTA.