Restaurant Finance Monitor’s industry-leading finance and development conference is convening in Vegas next month, and your NRTA President and Executive Director are invited to be there! Invited to present. Network. Share. Learn. Grow. GLOW!

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The RFDC 2022 Conference is an industry standard. This year professionals can participate in the first-ever, half-day Real Estate Boot Camp for restaurant operators, featuring our very own Debbie Ravel among the high-profile facilitators. Attendees will learn how to “develop a world-class real estate department of their own to accelerate growth, lower risk and gain a competitive edge.”

Meanwhile Lisa, as Executive Director, will zone in on making connections that benefit NRTA. Only registered attendees are admitted to the conference sessions, private meeting rooms, networking areas, meals and “Finance & Development Mall”.

Sharing our educational, skills-based, competency-based mission with new audiences helps us grow as individuals AND as a welcoming, professional community.

So, three cheers for Debbie and Lisa! On the heels of our CELEBRATION of the enormously successful 2022 Conference, we take pride in you as you head to Vegas.

Thank you for making us look good. For representing NRTA. For keeping the celebration going!

The company we keep doesn’t get any better.