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THIS IS EXCITING NEWS for Real Estate Management Professionals in the commercial sector who oversee property portfolios. NRTA’s 2024 Conference will directly benefit office, commercial, industrial, and retail tenants.

The National Real Estate Tenants Association’s Curriculum will feature 60+ classroom presentations and 20 small group “breakout” sessions.

Considered the premier professional event for real estate lease management and lease administration professionals, the 2024 conference will provide comprehensive, hands-on real estate lease management training and best practices for tenants of all skill and experience levels.


Real Estate Expenses Consistently Rank in the Top Three Expenditures for most Corporations.

Recognizing that real estate expenses consistently rank among the top three expenditures for most corporations, The NRTA Annual Conference tackles this complicated topic head on. It’s why NRTA has earned the recognition of being the premier education resource for commercial real estate management professionals.

In addition to hosting 60+ professional classroom presentations, the NRTA 27th Annual Conference also features an unparalleled industry trade show known for its valuable one-on-one opportunities — experiences that allow tenants to interact with service and software resources in a relaxed setting.

 Highly acclaimed keynote speaker Steve Gilliland kicks off the event on September 9. Steve is one of the most in-demand and top-rated speakers in the world. His meaningful and entertaining address will set the stage and inspire attendees to make the most of NRTA’s 3-day Conference.

Curriculum planners have designed this year’s Tenants In Common Expanding Knowledge event specifically to assist today’s real estate management professionals. Individuals and teams who face similar challenges of safeguarding portfolios, curtailing costs, preserving profits, and enhancing business efficiencies across various sectors will realize tangible results.

Course content will emphasize critical topics including:

  • Real Estate Management Strategies
  • Real Estate Lease Legal Practices 
  • Lease Audit and Accounting Compliance
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Advancements

Courses are led by a carefully selected lineup of top thought leaders and industry experts. Leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in the field.

THIS ESSENTIAL EDUCATIONAL FORUM explores the role of tenant real estate lease management and lease administration in shaping profit and protecting the company’s real estate assets. NRTA Conference attendees include Real Estate Vice Presidents, Real Estate Attorneys, Paralegals, Asset Managers, Analysts, Property Managers, Controllers, Auditors, CFOs, Administrators, Franchisees and other real estate professionals responsible for managing commercial property portfolios.

There is no other professional organization that provides this extensive, hands-on real estate lease management education and training.

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