THE RESULT OF a comprehensive two-year study is the reinvention of NRTA’s national education program that is set to be unveiled this September at the Annual Conference taking place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Underpinning these new course offerings is an overriding understanding by NRTA leadership that its curriculum commitment needs to move forward with a keen focus on the theme of Tenants In Common—neighbors and collaborators—on behalf of the different types of tenants who now comprise a building/shopping center, warehouse, entertainment, and/or commercial development.

And the results are in—NRTA’s best practices are enhanced and more efficient than ever. Over 40 newly revised courses and 16 small group discussion exchanges will be offered at NRTA’s Annual conference planned for Sept. 11-14, 2022. 

When COVID shut down onsite education venues nation-wide in 2020, NRTA’s leadership set in motion a curriculum revitalization program that involved a complete, ground-up review and reinvention of each of its curriculum tracks. Reviews included an analysis of new lease obligations, legal issues, changes in accounting requirements, occupancy cost best practices, and strategic portfolio management challenges that are now confronting the entire community of post-Covid commercial real estate tenants.

For the past 27 years NRTA has secured its position as the premier education and talent development resource for real estate lease management professionals. We urge you, tenants, the people in our neighborhood, to become NRTA members and join us at the 25th Annual NRTA Conference. Success doesn’t just happen. Let’s work together to succeed, to optimize the building/center/commercial developments we now mutually share.

Download the 2022 NRTA Conference Brochure.