In the first quarter of 2020, we’ve been busy developing networking and education forums for our members. Our curriculum and conference committees have been working in high gear and met for a content review at the site of our 2020 Conference in Dallas, Texas.

These lease real estate management professionals have been developing classroom and conference agenda details for months. Our curriculum team has been developing education presentation for consideration for our conference platform. All of their ideas and recommendations are now going to the full committee for review and critique. Honestly, it’s a big job. A lot of work goes into the exercise well before they arrive at this critical evaluation stage.

Under the leadership of curriculum co-chairs, this team conducts a serious assessment that determines the merits of the various proposals. Ultimately, they select the course content that becomes the essence of the 2020 Conference.

This year’s co-chairs are Gregg Ankenman, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean, LLP; Ted Pajda, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.; Ingrid Kushinsky, Goulston & Storrs; and Debbie Ravel, DR Lease Consulting LLC.

These dedicated industry veterans put forward their best thinking about the information and best practices lease managers need to successfully face the challenge of protecting their commercial real estate investments.

This exercise is incredibly impressive. Even more so when you realize these folks are all volunteers.  They do it because they are committed to the profession. They understand that without this shared commitment to education, our industry would be seriously jeopardized.

A Shared Commitment

For nearly 25 years, the NRTA has employed a principle benefit—peer-to-peer interaction as a tool for members to strengthen their opportunity to succeed.

That core belief is rooted in the NRTA tradition that real estate executives are better off adopting a philosophy of working together to define best practices for lease administration. This is not only good for themselves, but vital for the industry.

Having said that, I do hope you will take a moment and read a personal editorial  which will be coming out at the end of the week, about the NRTA experience offered by Past President Ted Pajda. Reflecting on his very successful career as a real estate management leader, Ted generously credits some of his good fortune to his NRTA experience.