Spoiler Alert! ICSC’s premier two-day gathering of dealmakers and industry experts convenes Wed., Dec. 7 at the Javits Center in NYC and your National Real Estate Tenants Association Leadership will be there!

Yes. NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek and President Debbie Ravel are at it again – making us look good. Keeping our CELEBRATION going. Networking. Sharing our successes. Learning. Growing. Glowing. AGAIN!

ICSC—A Leading Industry Resource.

ICSC is the member organization for the advancement of the Marketplaces industry. ICSC promotes and elevates the marketplaces and spaces where people shop, dine, work, play and gather as foundational and vital ingredients of communities and economies. The organization helps to create connections and catalyze deals; aggressively advocates to shape public policy and develops communications that influence opinions. In addition, ICSC (Innovating Commerce Serving Communities) serves as a platform for professional development.

But that’s not news to many NRTA Members.

We know you know! At last count at least half of all National Real Estate Tenants Association Members were also ICSE Members. That means you know this is a BIG DEAL.

NRTA Leadership Encourages Education Opportunities.


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First it was the RFDC 2022 Conference in Vegas Nov. 14-16. Now it’s ICSC New York Dec. 7-8. Sharing our educational, skills-based, competency-based mission with new audiences helps us grow as individuals AND as a welcoming, professional community. So, let’s show some love again for Debbie and Lisa! Thank you for making us look good. For representing NRTA. For keeping our family name out there and for growing our network of peer support.


NRTA has a wealth of real estate lease management education experience to offer to tenants of all types.

—NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek