NEW Live Certified Commercial Lease Administrator “CCLA” Training Starts April 9!


NRTA Pioneering Lease Administrator Certificate Program Launches 3rd Session






AT A GLANCE: This course is comprised of 10 classes. Each 1.5-hour session is held from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM on ten consecutive Tuesdays beginning April 9, 2024. Course ends June 4.

National Real Estate Tenants Association’s pioneering CCLA Certificate Course provides students with an in-depth understanding of Lease Administration, and the role of the Lease Administrator. It covers all aspects of Lease Administration, from the receipt of a new lease, through expirations and renewals, to property turnover.

This class delves deeply into critical lease terms, various types of rents and operating expenses, and dispute resolution.

Maintaining a well-organized and thought-out lease administration program can be beneficial for landlords AND tenants in managing their real estate information. There is a direct relationship between the quality of the information management and the quality of decision making related to day-to-day real estate activities.


Real Estate Management is a complicated topic! NRTA’s CCLA training can help.

Good business process, procedures and structure — in tandem with as needed improvements obtained from software solutions — can create better internal and external customer service. Increase efficiency and productivity. And truly limit missed opportunities resulting in significant savings.

Instructor: Albert Stabile, Vice President of Lease Audit


Find out more and register today. Please Note: Self-guided Course 1 & Course 2 can be taken on-demand at any time.