Accounting, Tracking, Billing. Oh my. Classroom LIVE tackles Tenants collaborating with Landlords.

Whether it’s a partial space within an existing store or an entire space that a tenant is still leasing, the reality is:

Tenants, you are now the “Landlord”.

It’s almost a no-brainer. The real estate industry is experiencing tenants “partnering” to share excess space — leading to tenants effectively becoming landlords. When this happens, processes and systems must be developed for accounting, tracking, billing; for recovering all expenses allowable under a tenant’s lease agreement.

This is ROI.

National Real Estate Tenants Association’s Effective Sublease Management course scheduled for April 4, 2023, is specifically designed to explore this topic. Taught by Delker Real Estate’s Claire Farr, this Classroom LIVE interactive training class will educate tenants how to be sure they are receiving the full benefits and reimbursement due under their sublease agreements.

From common area maintenance to utilities, participants can learn to be sure they are taking advantage of every opportunity to optimize their real estate portfolios.

This Classroom Live series also features an additional presentation by Claire Farr, and a presentation by industry experts Michael Burden and Al Williams. Read more and register. Mike and Al are both Executive Managing Directors with ExcessSpace Retail Services.

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