Whether you just signed on to your first position in the real estate industry or you are a professional with decades of experience, your attendance at NRTA’s 2022 National Conference is a career game-changer!


It’s simple. There is no other professional organization—or forum—providing this complete, hands-on real estate lease management training and education for all skill and experience levels. In one place: Phoenix, Arizona. September 11-14, 2022.

This is where you grow your career.

Increasing your odds for success doesn’t just happen. Successful people work at it by investing in themselves and their careers. This conference allows you to make time for professional growth. Education is the key.

NRTA has a proven track record. For over 25 years we have educated our members on the skills and tools needed to perform their jobs and add value to their companies. The rules of the game are changing fast in today’s post-pandemic economy. Be prepared.

Develop top-notch critical thinking skills. Learn how peer teamwork benefits everyone. Discover new ways to collaborate with business partners from diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures who may share opposing opinions and challenge yours. Hear best practices and tips from today’s industry leaders with proven success. Becoming a leader isn’t luck!

Choose the courses you need most right now. A sample of options include:

  • The Great Renegotiation: When to Renew, Improve, or Exit!
  • Operating Expenses and Mixed-Use Properties
  • Real Estate Taxes – The Key to Understanding Tenant’s Obligations
  • Cannabis & Retail
  • Dispute Resolution: Letter Writing for Results
  • Strategies for Reducing Surplus Property Risks
  • Digital & Cyber Security in the Workplace
As a front-line guardian of your company’s real estate investment, using updated best practices is a critical part of your lease management responsibilities.

Take your career to the next level. Grow your talent at NRTA’s 2022 National Conference.

Download the Conference Brochure.