ASC 842 Webinar series explains newest FASB lease accounting standard

Secrets to ASC 842 Compliance: What to pay attention to and the questions you should be asking is a 4-part educational series hosted by NRTA and produced by Leasecake — A NRTA Gold Sponsor Company.

Now that the FASB new lease accounting standard needs to be implemented by private companies at the end of this calendar year, it’s time to get serious about what it is and how it will affect every organization’s leasing operation. Previous guidelines for privately held companies allowed for a majority of leases to be accounted for “off balance sheet” and therefore companies have historically been less concerned with the rigor and the processes around leased assets.

Under the new guidance there will be a much higher degree of reporting — and scrutiny — of lease information. For international companies, IFRS 16 is required in addition to ASC 842. This Webinar will address what is changing, how it’s changing, and what you need to do to make your process compliant.

NRTA has partnered with Leasecake to help spread the word about this valuable and timely educational series beginning September 1.

Secrets to ASC 842 Compliance is being offered free of charge to Leasecake members. Leasecake is “the operating system for location management” helping business owners stay on top of time-sensitive, mission-critical events.

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