Designed for All Tenants. Discussing next state of industry evolution. NRTA.

Panda Restaurant Group Executive Director, Real Estate Legal, Pernell Agdeppa, Esq., explains:

“The NRTA conference program is targeted for all tenants — retail, industrial office, in-house professionals, service providers.” The coursework is targeted to address “some of the challenges that we are trying to forecast regarding the next state evolution of business, and the legal challenges that will come for all tenants with space. From the legal side, site selection, positioning of assets, asset management — as this evolves, we try to stay a little bit ahead of the game.”

Pernell also stressed that NRTA Conference Attendance is an investment not only in Panda Restaurant Group, but also in the professionals comprising Panda’s workforce.

“The way we value people at our company is to invest in them.”

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