Course Descriptions, Conference Agenda Available to Review and Download at NRTA

NRTA’s 27th Annual Tenants-In-Common National Conference Curriculum Guide and Event Agenda are now posted.

This year’s conference experience features seven information-packed course disciplines:

  1. Lease Administration (LA)
  2. Legal Lessons (LE)
  3. Occupancy Cost (OC)
  4. Office and Industrial (CO)
  5. Professional Development (PD)
  6. Real Estate (RE)
  7. Technology (TT)

Click on the images below, or access the 2024 Agenda here, and the 2024 Courses here.   

OUR COURSE LEVEL DESIGNATIONS offer a popular four-level education framework. This helps participants select courses best suited to their professional experience and current need to realize success. Designations are (B) Basic (I) Intermediate (A) Advanced and (E) Everyone. Class Presentations are expertly coordinated with twenty “breakout sessions.”

NRTA Breakout Sessions offer convenient access to the latest, most innovative resources through a carefully curated series of small group discussions. Led by moderators, these Peer-to-Peer Conversations are tailored to specific industry topics. This best practice enables conference attendees to foster connections among professionals — and their organizations.

Participants exchange insights. Network. Share best practices in professional development.

Additional Benefits NRTA Conference 2024 Attendees can Expect

  • A lineup of top thought leaders and industry experts to keep you abreast of the latest trends in your field.
  • An impactful curriculum intentionally designed to benefit all commercial tenants. EVERY participant gains valuable insights and knowledge.
  • A Brand New NRTA Technology Track.
  • A Dedicated Professional Development Track.

Enroll today. Enhance your expertise and excel in these critical areas of Real Estate Administration.

Registration is on-going. Early Bird Savings available through June 15, 2024.