Many retailers and other commercial tenants understand the direct bottom line results obtained when their real estate management specialists attend the NRTA conference.  With 51 classroom discussions and 15 Group Discussions on topics concerning occupancy cost, lease administration, real estate and legal issues, it becomes crystal clear that you need to be a part of this education forum.  There is no substitute for this opportunity.  There is a clear direct return on investment gained through improved cost recovery skills and occupancy cost management performance.

Let’s stop here for a moment and ask; “What does that mean when we say there is a clear Return On Investment  from attending the NRTA conference?

It is simple.  Adoption of best practices in a complex business environment such as ours, has favorable financial payback extending several years or more.  Additionally, the networking opportunities are endless.

 “It’s an investment that keeps on giving for years ahead.”

The value of professional training in some fields of business may be difficult to measure.  However, not for our field of business.  Every thing we do impacts the bottom line one way or another.  We are talking about managing and protecting your company’s real estate portfolio.  One of your major cost centers.

Time and time again I hear stories of how conference attendees, new or veteran, are able to show management in credible terms that the conference experience  and best practices studied at the conference, has proved to be a good return on investment.

As business professionals, we know the pressures that are especially likely to arise when an organization feels the pinch during mergers and acquisitions, sales slumps, or simply when working capital is scarce.  It is so easy in the short term to cut travel, training, or even staff.

The cost side of training activities may be best addressed by producing hard evidence for “returns,” or demonstrated training value. The most compelling measures of training value are understood when you can point to actual savings results derived from improved lease management and review of lease related charges.

On a personal note, after all these years I am still learning something new every time I attend an NRTA Conference.   Attending these classes for the second and third time, and listening to others discuss the tools they use and the strategies they apply to manage their real estate portfolios.  It’s amazing just how much information you absorb.

As the number of registrations continue to grow each day, for the 19th Annual conference, my expectations for an incredible education adventure are very high.  It is going to be another great conference.  I encourage you to make your plans now…the benefits are evident and return on investment is waiting for you.

When you step back and see who attends an NRTA conference you get it.  There is a reason the conference attendee list  looks like a  Whose Who of successful retail chains.  They understand the necessity of having solid, recession resistant lease administration skills pushing cost recovery results.