“SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!” in the world of commercial real estate and lease administration says NRTA’s 2022 National Conference Keynote Speaker David Avrin. At the same time, he cautions, there are “so many new risks as well.”

And that’s precisely why NRTA’s revamped, “all new curriculum content is so incredibly important. You don’t want to fall another year behind!” So, get on board and join us!


David Avrin, CSP is one of the most entertaining, dynamic, in-demand speakers in the world today. Known for his targeted, inspiring presentations, David is pumped and ready to “See you in Phoenix!” September 11-14 at NRTA’s 25th National Conference for lease industry professionals.

Over 40 fully updated, content-rich courses won’t disappoint

NRTA’s 2022 Conference curriculum addresses hot topics, critical content, and mutual challenges confronting the entire community of post COVID commercial real estate tenants, including:

  • Analysis of lease obligations
  • Legal issues
  • Changes in accounting requirements
  • Occupancy cost best practices
  • Strategic portfolio management challenges

No matter the industry, it is critically important “to stay current and take time to collaborate with others,” David explains. “We are going to talk about what’s changed in terms of your customers, your clients and their expectations for access and immediacy. I am going to teach you how to become ridiculously easy to do business with.”

Be sure to stay! Interactive Tenant and Landlord Panel highlights final day of Conference

The final day of the 2022 Expanding Knowledge Conference can’t be missed! Join David and your tenant AND landlord neighbors for a unique Q and A session, Why can’t we be friends?

“If you’re wondering why they’re thinking what they are, what they’re doing and why,” says David, then “Come with your questions to have that discussion. It doesn’t need to be a contentious relationship. As a matter of fact, for us to be successful, it can’t be.”

“Stay all the way to the end – it’s worth it!”

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