As we move through the ever-changing commercial real estate environment, both landlords and tenants are feeling the economic squeeze.

As tenants scrutinize their occupancy cost for overcharges, landlords are fighting harder than ever to avoid requests to support billed expenses and lease audits. This intermediate class presented at NRTA’s National conference in September explores the types of landlord defenses, audit restrictions, and tactics commonly used to delay and deflect tenant requests. NRTA Conference Speakers Rick Burke and David Robinson, Esq. team up to share their latest insights to help all tenants prepare to defend themselves against poor audit rights and restrictions. What’s more, this Strategy and Collaboration Track 2023 Conference Class will discuss the applicable laws and options that are available to respond to such defenses. Do YOU know how to respond? Learn more at nrta.

Rick Burke is President of Lease Administration Solutions, LLC.

David W. Robinson, Esq. is a Shareholder at the firm of Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, PC.