As companies expand in global markets, tenants continue to face unique and often unforeseen challenges managing their real estate portfolios.

By sharing personal stories, challenges, and best practices, learn how other international tenants manage these issues.  One key area of discussion concerns understanding how currency rates impact global leases.

The conference also hosts a valuable round table discussion for global tenants.  This is your chance to meet face to face with other professionals dealing with similar global leases administration challenges.

Courses that will be of interest to those doing international business are as follows:


LA-9 (I), Global Lease Administration
Monday 3:15-4:45

Retail tenants face continual challenges managing their portfolios while expanding overseas. By sharing personal stories, challenges, and best practices, a major retailer with lease compliance experience in over 43 countries will showcase skills gained while expanding into international markets. Attend this intermediate presentation and learn how to anticipate roadblocks that may stand in the way of devising and implementing global management standards that add critical value to your organization.


CO-3 (A), Understand How Currency Impacts Your Global Leases
Tuesday 9:00-10:30

Have you asked yourself why a lease obligation currency is defined as one currency but the lease requires payment in a different currency? Do you understand the four currencies involved in international lease transactions? Come to this advanced session and learn how currency impacts your leases, payments and your company’s P&L. You will add value to your organization by confidently educating your deal makers and leaders on currency impacts while helping to mitigate overall risk in your company’s portfolio. This is an interactive session and a follow-up session to Global Lease Administration.


CODG-1, International Lease Administration Round Table
Tuesday: 11:00-12:30

Idea Exchanges are round table discussions and a favorite part of the NRTA conference. Peers interact on topics related to their jobs or career paths. Experience a unique networking and benchmarking opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Groups are limited to 25 participants to ensure a meaningful interactive experience. Expect to hear new ideas and explore best practices that are important to you and your company. Bring your ideas and questions. It’s an opportunity for peers to meet in a less formal setting, with a facilitator to guide the exchange of ideas and experiences around an industry topic of common interest. Typically participants begin a session by sharing their business cards. Often, this is a first step in building a resource of networking support for years to come.