Attending NRTA’s conference delivers measurable ROI.

Today, NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek emphasizes that a well-organized and thought-out lease administration program can be beneficial for tenants and landlords in managing their real estate information. The results are clear, she says.

“There is a direct relationship between the quality of information management and the quality of decision-making related to day-to-day real estate activities.”

A Recipe for Measurable Success

LISA EXPLAINS: width= “Good business processes, procedures, and structure—combined with as-needed improvements obtained from software solutions—can create better internal and external customer service and increase efficiency and productivity. Today’s industry professionals who adopt this best practice can truly limit missed opportunities and produce significant cost savings.”

Your Attendance is Essential

Lease management professionals who are better prepared are an asset to their company. Regardless of the size of their organization, conference attendees consistently attain improvements and savings. You need to help your supervisor better understand how the investment of your time and resources translates into a common goal of improved performance and results that will be repaid many times over. (Access additional documentation for ideas to obtain Management Approval here.)

Take Your First Step

Take a few minutes to consider “Why should I attend? What’s in it for me?”

  • As a lease analyst or accountant, you need to maximize your ability to manage leases effectively and control occupancy costs to build company profits.
  • Furthermore, having the ability to benchmark your real estate management functions against the best in the industry is critical.
  • Networking with your peers in face-to-face interactive discussions is a truly invaluable experience.
  • Exploring industry products and services available to your team, while learning from industry experts how to incorporate these lessons, can literally change the way you do business.

Measurable ROI. It’s all the Conference. It’s all at National Real Estate Tenants Association.