Want to learn how save your company money by becoming a CAM “Hero”?

NRTA’s CAM Bootcamp Course is for you. This basic course is intended to help newer auditors become more comfortable doing CAM Reconciliations and “desktop” audits, discussing the basic concepts involved and how to review them.

Taught by two industry experts Kimberly Williams, Esq. of Genesco Inc., and Jessica Mihm, Director of Lease Administration for The Buckle, Inc., the course covers the basic components of a CAM reconciliation and the lease language related to them.

The lesson teaches how to calculate pro rata share, CAM caps, management and administrative charges, current industry issues related to CAM reconciliations and best practices to MAXIMIZE savings!

National Real Estate Tenants Association’s curriculum planners also encourage seasoned auditors to join in the discussion for new insights and discussions.

Networking and sharing our best practices is what we do!

Join NRTA’s conference to see how your peers have navigated the latest war on Landlord overcharges.

Visit NRTA’s website to learn more about the conference scheduled for September 17-20, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale.