It’s here! National Real Estate Tenants Association celebrates the inaugural course of its groundbreaking Certificate Program.

Years in the making – 90 minutes of superb education. Full class attendance. Full class ENTHUSIASM. The pursuit of excellence for the real estate lease management industry is on!

NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek cited a recent business article appearing in Forbes that recognized, “the importance of lease administration as a crucial understructure to grow net operating income, avoid costs, mitigate risks, optimize portfolios and support tax compliance, lease administration allows informed decisions to improve business and portfolio performance.”

This NRTA program is a result of the collaboration of several industry SME’s along with many NRTA leaders volunteering their time to help deliver best in class lease administration training. Lisa said, “There is no doubt in my mind that this program will become the staple in the industry.”

Hats off to the fearless student professionals who charged headfirst into the future. Kudos to NRTA’s forward-thinking leadership and expert volunteer faculty that brought this new initiative to reality.

April 18, 2023. A groundbreaking experience at NRTA.

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