NRTA’s Professional Training Delivers!

Enhance your Excel expertise. Get ahead. Stay ahead. Sharpen current skills AND master the latest and greatest new ones! These can’t-miss sessions feature NRTA Classroom LIVE Expert Presenter Norman Axelman. This education is targeted to benefit all Commercial Lease Management Professionals.

Top Reasons to Attend NRTA EXCEL BOOTCAMP!

LEARN 4 METHODS to separate data into multiple cells.

Understanding how to separate key data into multiple spreadsheet cells is a crucial skill for Lease Industry Professionals to conquer. Mastering Excel Segment 1 dives right in – teaching you to navigate, select data, format, use freeze panes and more!

Get the MOST out of your computer: USE the incredible PIVOT TABLE!

Explore, encapsulate, analyze, and present summary data highlighting what’s most important using Excel’s incredible Pivot Table. Maximize your business intelligence! Learn super-cool keyboarding secrets that save time and money.

MACROS Matter! Get ready to automate.

Increase your proficiency using Macros. Dig in with motivated peers and an acclaimed educator to learn how to remove duplicate records in a flash! Gift yourself time to be trained to do 3 hours of work in just 5 seconds. Literally. Your 6-hour investment yields solutions!

Measurable, Actionable Results. LIVE Q & A.

Conquer IF Statements. Understand the awesome VLOOKUP formula. Ask questions! Gain confidence comfortably in NRTA’s limited-seating classroom environment. The value of hands-on, personalized education when mastering new skills and making industry connections cannot be overestimated!

BUILT-IN SNEAK PEEK of Premier Education coming September 2024.

This industry is challenging! Break away from routine demands to be inspired AND advance your career options. ADDED BONUS: Professionals attending the Spring 2024 Excel for Success series will actually be simultaneously enjoying a sneak peek of NRTA’s premier curriculum content planned for Sept. 8-11 at Conference 2024.



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Questions regarding participation in this superior experience? Please contact NRTA Member Services Coordinator, Carole Fiola. (413) 525-4565 or [email protected]