National Real Estate Tenants Association Acknowledges returning Partner — Platinum Sponsor Yardi

The team at Yardi develops and supports industry-leading real estate management software for all types and sizes of companies and organizations. All across the globe.

Yardi delivers products that support

    • property management
    • facility maintenance
    • energy sustainability
    • marketing, leasing operations
    • accounting, asset management
    • procurement, market research

And more.

The staff strive to accomplish this “All in a single connected solution.”


Making Success Simple. A Shared Goal.

NRTA AND YARDI share a commitment to success. Yardi is committed to helping their commercial real estate clients keep their buildings operating in peak condition. They accomplish this by, “automating facility maintenance including easy tracking of work orders and technicians, streamlined inspections and preventive maintenance that reduces costs and optimizes asset value.”

The Company’s Corporate Motto, as reported on its website, is:

Take care of our clients, take care of our employees, take care of our communities, stay focused, and grow.

Us too!

As partners again this year, Yardi and NRTA are back building on our history of success.

Yardi is headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif. The company maintains over 40 offices and 9,000 employees worldwide.