NRTA invites both members and non-members to share feedback that will help plan future education programs. The information collected will be used to develop timely new educational opportunities based on the most pressing needs identified by today’s lease management professionals.

NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek called the survey, “An important step for commercial tenants to share their real estate management training priorities.”

Survey coordinators called upon real estate management professionals to participate in the Survey—“NRTA Needs Your Help!”

Success through education

NRTA is actively developing and expanding our curriculum. We need your input, Krizek added, “to help us identify the top lease administration and real estate management training priorities required for today’s commercial, office and retail tenants.”

The survey is intended to reach tenants who are managing property leases dealing with industrial, commercial/office, data centers, colocation data centers, medical, retail or any other real estate properties.

Take the “NRTA Needs Your Help!” survey now.