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Semester 2 of NRTA’s Certified Commercial Lease Administrator “CCLA” Certificate Program starts Tue., October 3. The 10-week course ends Tue., December 12.

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Why now? Why You?

The lease abstract adds value to a company’s informational arsenal by giving it the ability to analyze, compare, and report key information across its portfolio. There is a direct relationship between the amount of information a company captures in its abstract and the cost to populate and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Particularly In today’s ever-changing commercial real estate environment, there are pitfalls to expect when embarking on a lease abstract project. The experienced lease abstractor designs the abstract to meet a company’s needs, both today and in the future. Recent accounting rules now require information from Sarbanes-Oxley, and new GAAP rent mandates must be considered when preparing abstracting renewal options.

Information concerning possession dates and buildouts have become important data to capture.

In other words, little things mean a lot. And little mistakes can cost. A lot.

“It’s difficult to convey how important lease abstracting is to the real estate lease management project” NRTA’s Executive Director Lisa Krizek said recently after returning from the 2023 National Conference in Fort Lauderdale. “Not knowing how to abstract well, or missing one little date or deadline can cost you, the real estate professional, thousands of dollars in penalties.” Perhaps even your current position.

“Your landlord may want to repurpose your real estate property,” Lisa added. “We designed this Certification Program to educate our students so they can avoid making costly errors. We encourage motivated students to invest in their education. Invest in Success.”

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Please note, this is course 2 of a 4-part series. Interested persons can learn more and sign up for CCLA 1 on-demand here.

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