Retail is Bigger Than Ever

Make the Commitment…it’s a great ride!
Lisa Krizek President NRTA
On behalf of the NRTA and its members, I want to thank those of you who will be joining us in Tucson, Arizona for our 21st Expanding Knowledge Conference.

For those who may be new to the NRTA experience keep in mind that NRTA is an association that uses industry leaders to engage individuals and help them move toward professional self-sufficiency. We create a positive supportive environment whereby people feel they can accomplish their goals and move forward in their careers.

The NRTA experience is anchored by committees comprised of regular and affiliate members (all volunteers) who meet and identify issues affecting our industry, turning issues into educational opportunities and training programs. It is by working together that we ultimately accomplish our mission of problem solving; turning challenges into proven solutions.

Each year, we are so thankful to be able to showcase our best program under the banner Expanding Knowledge. The diverse curriculum demonstrates how many organizations work together to create a better real estate community.

“I would like to thank my terrific co-officers, our fabulous board and all of our wonderful committee teammates, who will make the journey here an interesting and worthwhile investment of their precious time and resources.”

During my experience at NRTA, I have learned that progress does not stand still. Every year I follow the news in the world of retail. At times the headlines seem clichés: the death of retail, the death of the department store, the death of the shopping mall. But don’t let headlines fool you–RETAIL IS BIGGER THAN EVER.

Let me borrow some industry statistics I found in an article by NRF President Matthew R. Shay published this past July. “Retail is our nation’s largest private employer, supporting 42 million jobs, employing one in four Americans and generating 20 percent of gross domestic product. In the last four years, retail employment has grown by half a million jobs and is expected to grow by nearly another million in 2022.”

Matthew cited industry statisticians who make the point that retail-related jobs aren’t just sales positions. Retail employs as many software developers, programmers, and designers and  engineers as Silicon Valley and as many financial experts as Wall Street.

Matthew again reminds us of how dynamic retail is. “By definition, adapting to changes in taste, style and technology not to just meet but to exceed customer’s expectations. The most recent visible changes have come in digital retail–the e-commerce and mobile shopping that gives consumer’s unlimited freedom to browse, buy and have products delivered with just one click.”

The Commerce Department says digital retail sales “have grown 275 percent over the past decade, and could grow 9 percent this year–three times the rate of overall retail sales. But digital is still only 7.5 percent of total retail sales.”

So, with all that being said, I encourage each of you as a member of this thriving retail industry, to fully commit yourselves to participate in the NRTA. There is no other comparable educational resource available to our real estate lease profession. I personally believe this NRTA experience is an important tool for attaining professional self-sufficiency and recognition within our vibrant field.

Once again: Make the commitment to  retail and to the NRTA. It’s a great ride!