Tax expenses can be a tenant’s second most expensive occupancy cost! Monitoring and controlling these expenses is crucial for today’s lease administrators, lease auditors, lease accountants, and real estate professionals concerned with tax appeals and filings.

Our next Classroom Live program features five outstanding presenters who are highly regarded as industry experts in the Property Tax-RE Math Management arena. This series is purposely designed to benefit both new and veteran lease administration professionals.


The NRTA Classroom Tax Math Team consists of Brett J. Carter, Esq., Tony Collette, Stephen K. Hall, Esq., Joseph Miller, MAI, MRICS, and Susan Rebelo.Our dynamic speakers are up-to-date and on target and will share the very latest industry trends. Professionals charged with handling property and real estate tax management don’t want to miss this!

Get ahead of the curve and learn how to realize concrete, significant cost savings!

Lease administration professionals, auditors and tax department professionals need to take advantage of the most up-to-date educational opportunities in order to realize significant cost savings. Our superb Tax RE-Math Management team will lead participants through four timely, targeted tax courses:

  • Advanced Real Estate Taxes: Case Studies
  • Understanding Business Personal Property Tax
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Appraisals

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