Landlords Front and Center and All New BOOTCAMPS

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  • “No Pain No Gain – Heads Down & Train”
  • Landlords—Front and Center!

Landlords really ARE Front and Center! Witness the metamorphosis of partnership and collaboration!

How can WE be the catalysts that make things happen? … you, me, all of us … Successful partnerships and collaborations are key ingredients to a successful real estate career. NRTA is excited to host a panel of Landlord experts who will discuss change in this ever-evolving real estate world.

Is there a question that you have asked, but never received a response? Take advantage of this can’t miss opportunity to ask and get answers! Hear directly from our guest landlords and get an insider’s perspective.



Times are changing. We’re ready, are YOU?

“Creating Value by Numbers” competency-based proficiency training. Occupancy Expense Bootcamps. Registration is ongoing.


This year’s education is offering a new “first.”

Occupancy Expense Bootcamps – Five important areas of concentration are offered within the NEW Bootcamp Experience. Participants will review appropriate lease requirements and expected costs concerning CAM, Real Estate Taxes, and Insurance. In addition, related proficiency training will be offered in basic Excel and PowerPoint — skills necessary for practitioners to be successful within these areas.

CHECK OUT CVN-8, CAM Bootcamp, CVN-10, Real Estate Tax Bootcamp, CVN-19, Insurance Bootcamp, T&I-3, Excel Training 2019 Bootcamp, and T&I-4, Powerpoint 2019 Bootcamp for full course descriptions.

Be a partner in collaboration. Join us in Fort Lauderdale. Only at NRTA.