It took Only 3 Days to realize added value of attending the new NRTA CCLA Semester 2…

… according to CCLA Class Participant Sherry Trotter.


 width=SHERRY TROTTER is a Real Estate Administrator at Houchens Food Group. She recently volunteered the following testimonial as support of National Real Estate Tenants Association’s new Certified Commercial Lease Administrator “CCLA” CERTIFICATE Program:

“The knowledge and confidence I gained from the classes have already been very rewarding to me and my company. These lessons clearly benefit anyone in my role as Real Estate Administrator, as well as the companies my lease industry classmates work for.”


Commenting further, Sherry summarized her thoughts about the CCLA Experience regarding the knowledge she gained from attending CCLA Semester 1.

“I so much appreciated the first semester,” Sherry said. “I’ve been in the Real Estate Department for two years now as Real Estate Administrator. When I accepted the position, I was looking for something like this to learn more, but I appreciate it even more now being familiar with the terms and language. I am looking forward to learning and growing in my career.”

Sherry also confirmed that Lesson 1 of CCLA Course 2 “is already showing me the importance of having a reliable system available for lease administration.”

Semester 2 of NRTA’s newest initiative started Tue., Oct. 3. Semester 1 debuted LIVE, April 18 and is available now on-demand.

Learn more about NRTA’s new CCLA Certificate Program at Interested professionals can register here.

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