Excel Bootcamp for Today’s Commercial Lease Management Professionals. Enhance your Excel expertise by sharpening current skills and mastering new ones. SPRING 2024.

Yes. You CAN.

LEARN HOW to do three hours of work in literally, just five seconds. For real.

Grab your seat for NRTA’s New System Proficiency LIVE educational training course and plan to be amazed! Discover amazing keyboard secrets, special formulas. Excel features and presenter TIPS sure to propel you to the next level.

Check out the video clips below for a sneak peak of what you will learn at NRTA Classroom Live Spring 2024.

This new series features Advantage Computer Solutions’ President and Founder, Norman Axelman.

Click below to view Norman’s expert tips. And get EXCITED for Excel Excellence!


How to Get the Most out of Your Computer! NRTA Excel Bootcamp Video Tips:

NRTA Excel Bootcamp TIP #1: Call Out Your Most Compelling Data. FAST! And Easily. Draw IMMEDIATE attention to your most relevant content using Excel’s enhanced Illustration tools. Turn traditional, ordinary — perhaps even boring? — data into an engaging, colorful presentation that directs users to exactly what they need to see. (Boring can be beautiful!)

NRTA Excel Bootcamp TIP #2: Cool new GEOGRAPHY feature now available! Choose from a sweet, enhanced list of data sets and data types to instantly insert content from the world wide web.

NRTA Excel Bootcamp TIP #3: Fed up with column headers disappearing when managing long lists in your Excel spreadsheets? Use Excel’s Freeze Panes feature and never lose sight of your data field headings again!

NRTA Excel Bootcamp TIP #4: MUST-KNOW SHORTCUTS save time, money, AND stress. These two simple formulas enable you to copy, paste and modify elements throughout your spreadsheets. (You really need to learn this!)


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