National Real Estate Tenants Association Welcomes New Year with Confidence

A Message from Lisa Krizek, Executive Director, National Real Estate Tenants Association:

 width=GREETINGS FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURS. Extending our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! We start 2023 with renewed optimism, confident that we have put the worst of the pandemic behind us. We are stronger and growing every day.

Our growth is multidimensional, not only in size of the organization but in the diversity of our expertise and training programs. The types of leasing organizations we now serve with Classroom LIVE and our upcoming Certificate Program are more varied than ever before. NRTA recognizes the evolution of the tenant landlord dynamic, and this is great news!

Our organization benefits not only our core retail members but other tenants as well such as medical, daycare, professional services, and more. We have opened up partnerships with complementary organizations that will share best practices across all our disciplines. And most importantly, we are experiencing a significant increase in the level of commitment from our partners.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to recognize Sohail Hamirani of Mohr Partners, Inc. who recently committed to a new Diamond Level Sponsorship. They are new to our organization and in conversations with Sohail he shared that he recognizes the tremendous value in our educational programs and organization as a whole.

I believe ongoing education to keep our skill sets fresh makes us a better organization and enables us to do a better job for our customers,” Sohail said. “When I learned what the National Real Estate Tenants Association was doing, I was enthusiastic about Mohr Partners being a part of it.”

The core beliefs and vision that started NRTA are alive and well. At the same time, we are responding to the changes in the retail real estate leasing landscape with great success. Our wider spectrum of membership has much of the same operational needs as traditional retailers. I am particularly proud that we are now engaging with our counterparts on the property ownership side to find common ground and develop best practices for our industry.

There is a lot of new ground to cover in 2023.

Our organization works best when we have feedback from our members and sponsors. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments throughout the upcoming year and working together to continue to grow NRTA.