Relationships Remain the Cornerstone to Success in a Data Driven Economy


National Real Estate Tenants Association’s First Diamond Level Sponsor — Mohr Partners, Inc. — is at it again! And Conference 2023 attendees should take note:

Attend Tuesday Night’s Networking Event in Fort Lauderdale on September 19.

“Let’s spread the word about this invaluable networking experience,” said Mohr Partners CFO Sohail Hamirani. “Conference participants need to take advantage of the proven ROI associated with making connections peer to peer.”

NRTA Executive Director Lisa Krizek agrees.

“NRTA set the bar for fostering these types of one-on-one connections at our very first Conference in 1996. Fast forward to Conference 2023 and Curriculum Committee is hearing this common theme over and over again. Our attendees desire to cultivate relationships. Peer to Peer. Veteran members and new members alike. Attendees are reaching out to NRTA Leadership. They are asking how best to connect and network, this year, in Fort Lauderdale.”

So spread the word NRTA Family! Making the most of YOUR Conference Experience is an Investment that yields multifold benefits — both an immediate and ongoing basis.

And be sure to capitalize on Mohr’s investment in you. In the Conference. In your success.


  • Network with peers in a casual atmosphere.
  • Buffet meal.
  • D.J. Music. Dancing.
  • Enjoy the stunning view overlooking the Fort Lauderdale Beach.
  • Have Fun.
  • Share ideas. Collaborate. Innovate.

Informal networking with industry peers and leaders is a pressure-free, built-in function of the conference experience. See you soon in Fort Lauderdale!

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