Last season the NRTA unveiled its plan to rebrand the organization — to the National Real Estate Tenants Association.

This month the NRTA has taken the next step in its rebranding journey by changing its online URL to: “”

Lisa Krizek, the Executive Director of NRTA, explained that this branding signifies the association’s growth. The “New NRTA” encompasses broader appeal and value propositions, reflecting the expansion of its education offerings.”

Krizek emphasized that the decisions made by the NRTA board are a testament to how the organization’s message is spreading. “NRTA is attracting a diverse range of commercial tenants who recognize the benefits of coming together under one strong, reliable tent to establish professional standards and practices,” she said.

She further highlighted that NRTA’s benefits extend beyond its core retail members to other sectors, including medical, daycare, professional services and industrial. Collaborations with complementary organizations have been forged to share best practices across all disciplines. Also notable,” she added, “We are witnessing a significant increase in commitment from our partners.”

National Real Estate Tenants Association’s broader spectrum of membership shares many operational needs with traditional retailers.

Krizek expressed pride in the organization’s engagement with counterparts on the property ownership side — focusing on finding common ground and developing best practices for our industry.

She underscored two key themes: growth and expansion. “NRTA’s subtle name and URL changes mark a new phase of growth for us she said. The organization has expanded its base to include non-retail membership, introduced new sponsorship opportunities, enhanced certificate programs, and structured conferences more effectively.“

“Our leadership is actively forming partnerships with other professional groups such as ICSC and Franchise Times,” Krizek added. “All these efforts aim to include and educate all commercial real estate tenants.”

In conclusion, Krizek reiterated, “Our message is spreading. NRTA is attracting commercial tenants who recognize the importance of establishing professional standards and practices. We exist for tenants and landlords alike.”

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