TOGETHER, NRTA and JCP have nearly 50 YEARS of Mission-Driven Success!

Jackson Cross Partners is an experienced team of commercial real estate advisors. Headquartered in Wayne, Penn., JCP’s leadership and staff have earned an international reputation for meeting — even exceeding their clients’ expectations.

Jackson Cross Partners’ Corporate Advisory Services evolved from providing lease abstraction services for corporate clients, to offering distinctive expertise in

  • document imaging
  • data reconciliation
  • international translation
  • systems integration


The JCP team has reviewed “tens of thousands of leases and property files” for clients. Striving to help companies “develop a cross discipline process to address the FASB and IASB proposed changes to the standard for lease accounting.”

“We’ve developed advanced data collection,” JCP says, “validation and modeling tools to assist clients in making decisions that when executed are in the overall best interest of the corporation.”


Jackson Cross Partners’ Linked in profiles summarizes the corporation’s specialties succinctly: “Advisory Services, Brokerage Services, and CRE Strategies.”


Two Decades of Data-Driven Success Deserves Applause!

THE NATIONAL REAL ESTATE TENANT ASSOCIATION FAMILY knows from experience how challenging it is for companies to reach a 20-year milestone! Our own history dates back to the NRTA charter and incorporation in 1997.

So Congratulations to our returning Gold Sponsor Jackson Cross Partners! Cheers to you and your two decades of Real Estate Success.