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Member Benefits


Discount registration fees at NRTA’s annual Expanding Knowledge Conference.


Opportunity to benchmark and network with industry peers through the NRTA’s Facebook page and LinkedIn group.


Subscription to the NRTA newsletter entitled Tenants In-Common.

Exclusive Access

Access to the “members only” section of the NRTA website which provides activities, and job postings.


The Professional Library with case experiences and articles which are valuable professional resources.

Central Office Access

Access to industry experts to assist members as they encounter questions and problems.


Membership Directory of all Regular and Affiliate members.


Opportunity to write articles for Tenants In-Common and national trade publications.

Membership Information

The NRTA provides members quality lease administration programs (the cornerstone principle of any corporate real estate function) that improve the decision making process along with updates and overviews of how leading commercial tenants are managing and controlling financial and workflow components of their real estate functions; how lease administration teams provide efficiencies to support transactional and financial functions as they relate to the lease and its critical data; how strong internal controls are essential to ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and data integrity; how lease administration areas should be integrated with transaction management, facility/space management and financial management systems in order to provide the data necessary to manage the underlying commercial real estate effectively; how superior data integrity procedures for abstracting assure and maintain the accuracy of lease information for optimal operational, financial recording and encumbrance (options) reliability; and how proven audit practices minimize occupancy costs.

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Types of Membership

The NRTA offers two types of membership: regular and affiliate.

Regular Membership is available to retail and commercial real estate tenants who have a primary responsibility for the management of lease-related occupancy costs, lease negotiation, lease administration or other real estate related responsibilities within the member company. Currently, Regular Membership is $195.00.

Affiliate Membership is available to attorneys, accountants, auditors, consultants or other professionals who offer products or services designed to increase productivity or decrease costs of member companies. Affiliate members or their employees, may not include any of the following: Landlords or their trade associations, as described in the Association’s by-laws.

Currently, the Primary Annual Affiliate Membership is $425.00 and each Secondary Annual Affiliate Membership (within the same company) is $195.00.