Ever wish you could just sit across a table with someone who might have the answer to your latest lease management dilemma? Well take a seat ­– you’ve got a Date!

NRTA’s team of subject matter experts is on board to share their years of experience in all facets of real estate with participants at the National Conference in Phoenix this September. Help! I Need Somebody! is one of more than 40 new courses this year. Here’s your chance to personally connect with an expert to talk one-on-one about the challenges keeping YOU up at night. Where else will you find friends and mentors willing to “Pay It Forward” by sharing their knowledge, suggestions, and best practices with peers?

“Having the availability of these types of mentors in a classroom wasn’t available when I was new to the field,” says NRTA President Debbie Ravel. “This is a huge opportunity to connect and learn from those who have been there.”

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