Scheduled for Wednesday, January 29th, Noon EDT
Where to Find Money in Overhead Expenses

This one-hour webinar is presented by Paul Nelson, Strategic-Partner and Seth Tenenbaum, Strategic-Partner with Schooley Mitchell.

The speakers will discuss strategies on how to identify and manage overhead costs in the areas of Telecommunications, Merchant Services, Small Package Shipping, and Waste Management Expenses. Our speakers will discuss how companies overpay for these services and what can be done to mitigate costs and be more efficient with your time.

When is the last time you have reviewed the Customer Service Record (CSR) for any of your telecommunications accounts?  How would you like to learn a new cost reduction strategy that will help your company find money in your overhead expenses?

This is an opportunity for others in your corporation who are responsible for Telecom, Merchant Services, Small Package Shipping, and Waste Management to learn more about these expenses and how to effectively reduce those expenses without consuming your limited resources and time.  Paul Nelson and Seth Tenenbaum will discuss techniques to mitigate costs in these important areas.

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