Jim Bankston is a developer, landlord and broker. Taj Adhav is a CPA and a tech start-up veteran immersed in commercial real estate since he was a child.

Jim shared his business pain points and convinced Taj there should be an app to make them all go away…

For tenants, it’s not easy keeping track of rent increases, expirations, and critical clauses for multiple locations. Enter Leasecake, the app. Leasecake ensures you never “lose track of your stuff” again by putting the entire back office in your back pocket.

Energized by the potential software solution, Taj pitched the concept for Leasecake at the Techstars Global Startup Weekend. After first winning the Local Award, Leasecake went on to win the Global Showcase in a field of entrepreneurs from 200 cities, 58 countries, and six continents.

The concept makes sense to both tenants and property owners

The concept resonated with a broad spectrum of people because every business either rents or owns property. From the most prominent global corporations to local mom-and-pop operators, they all share the same struggles.

So, after winning the competition and realizing they had just founded a company, Taj and Jim started building their team. Taj connected with three colleagues from Channel Intelligence, a previous startup that exited to Google. These colleagues stepped up to the plate—along with a talented software developer—and the core team was in place. Over the next 18 months, the six-member Leasecake team parked themselves in Jim’s 300-square-foot office and brought the Leasecake app to life.

By mid-2019, the development and sales teams had grown. The customer list was dense with recognizable brands. And the growth continues.

After a $3 million venture capital round in early 2021, the development, sales, and customer success groups scaled up to accommodate current demand and anticipated growth.

NRTA applauds and warmly welcomes new company member Leasecake!