6330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 230, Dallas, TX, 75240

Retransform™, an Annet Group initiative, is the global leader in Real Estate Business Management Services and Technology Solutions. For the last 2 decades, they have developed a specialized expertise in offering comprehensive solutions worldwide to commercial, residential, retail and corporate real estate. With experienced staff, technologists and analysts, they provide a strong foundation for real estate organizations to build and strengthen their business objectives. Their solution offerings are fundamentally dedicated upon improving operational efficiencies while simultaneously driving bottom line benefits to Real Estate companies across the globe.

Retransform’s mission is to provide affordable, long-term, businesses management services and technology solutions to any real estate organization needing assistance with managing growth, limiting overhead, or enhancing technical expertise.

The Annet Group, the parent company of Retransform™ invokes the purpose and business ethos under the firmly rooted tag line – “Melius Cotidie”, which means “Better Every Day”. Measure success through your ability to continuously make improvements to everything that Retransform engages with: our customers, our partners, our shareholders, our society and ourselves.

Retransform’s service philosophy surrounds three key principles:
• Exceed the expectations of our clients
• Improve our own performance in quality, delivery and productivity for our clients
• To be best-in-class by providing exceptional business management processes and leading-edge technology solutions