Property Works

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720 Church Street, Decatur, GA, 30030

At Property Works, we know that as a business leader you need a proven process to keep lease and real estate expenses in control. We also recognize the need for support from experts in lease analysis and landlord communications with transactional and diligence items, from pre-acquisition and pre-financing diligence through closing and transition to operational lease management. The problem is those expenses are a huge percentage of your costs, plus lease terms and accounting are extremely complicated. The reality of the situation often hits too late; you need lease and leased property expertise, but you don’t know where to turn.

Property Works solves the intricacies of lease management. We believe commercial lease terms should be fair, clear, and manageable for the tenant. We are committed to partnering with and supporting clients on the transaction services side while leveraging our people and platform on the operational side. With a proactive and responsive team, technology customized for you, and software that prioritizes function over flash, you can maximize our technology and talent to keep expenses in control while focusing on the top line.