CAM auditors learn to improve audit ROI

According to testimonials submitted by NRTA Classroom Live participants, the first session of the program—designed to teach new and seasoned auditors the skills and confidence they need to perform CAM reconciliations and desktop audits—proved to be a positive educational experience.

Presenters are top notch industry experts
Participants of the June 8 CAM Language Primer session offered consistent praise for presenters Jessica Mihm and Kim Williams as being “knowledgeable and engaging.’” Others said they enjoyed the built-in interactive quality the session offered and scored high marks for the overall presentation.

The program is a hit…looking forward to the next two sessions.
—Classroom Live participant

One attendee has already recommended the session to her peers and summed up her experience saying, “This was the first training session of its kind…the program is a hit.” She also added she is looking forward to the next two scheduled training sessions and would recommend this course to an associate.

“The course was great!” wrote another participant, a seasoned audit professional.  Her company, she continued, “is currently in the process of reconciling our European portfolio with our third-party lease administration provider.” She went on to further inquire about networking with NRTA and other resources to further enhance her lease audit skills.

If you were not able to take advantage of the inaugural Classroom Live experience, NRTA is now accepting registrations for a repeat performance—NRTA Classroom Live 2! Learn how to improve the process and ROI of YOUR lease audit program.

Review the Classroom Live course descriptions. (Please note: Seating is extremely limited.)