Please join National Real Estate Tenants Association leadership in welcoming new member Ardurra Group, Inc.!

Driven to expand. Driven to find solutions.

YOUR NRTA is widening its network of partners and creative thinkers driven to find solutions serving the industry. Ardurra is a growing team of experts, engineers, and design professionals dedicated to serving clients through their “unique balance of experience and innovation.” A multidisciplinary services firm headquartered in Tampa, Fla., core services include Water / Wastewater, Transportation, Public Works, Structural, Surveying and Environmental, among others.

Ardurra’s professionals strive to deliver quality services and practical solutions that exceed their clients’ expectations. Their website states the company is guided by three principals: Collaborate, Innovate, and Create; we at NRTA couldn’t agree more!

So let’s make it personal team!

NRTA has a 27-year history of making friends feel like family — and we share a common bond with Ardurra Group as we strive to be “the perfect partner” finding solutions that foster success AND improve the communities and people we serve. So welcome to NRTA Don Harkey! Don is Ardurra’s Phoenix-based National Operations Practice Director.

Ardurra has 19 locations throughout the U.S. including California, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Texas, and New York.