On behalf of the entire NRTA Community, Lisa Krizek announced this NRTA FIRST:

“It is my pleasure to present the first of its kind, the NRTA Excellence Award. This award will be given annually to a member who has rendered distinguished service to the NRTA. It is a prestigious honor that serves to recognize the best of the best within our ever-expanding team of volunteers.”

First National Real Estate Tenants Association Excellence Award

This year’s recipient is a 23-year veteran of NRTA. He has served in several distinct positions during his tenure. He has presented over a dozen courses. And served on the curriculum committee for 10+ years.

So please join us — the entire NRTA Community — in congratulating the inaugural 2023 NRTA Excellence Award Recipient, Albert Stabile from CBRE


NRTA Officers congratulate Al Stabile as recipient of the First NRTA Excellence Award for his contribution to the association’s education mission. Celebrating the milestone are (from left) NRTA VP George Elefther, Secretary Pam Myers, President Debbie Ravel, Al Stabile, Executive Director Lisa Krizek, and Treasurer Caleb Smith.